Altered Paths




Before I get to the details, I want to stress that all of the card images and dice sides involved in this are available to the community for completely free. The folks at The Coruscant Initiative receive no compensation from their work other than to keep the game they love going. This sale is completely about offering a printing service for something you can download and print yourself, for free. If that intrigues you, I highly recommend making your own copies of the cards rather than leveraging any printing services from Kingwood Hobbies.

This set from The Coruscant Initiative includes!

  • A complete playset of each card in the set. This is enough to make any deck you like given the restrictions of the game rules and any exceptions granted by this set.
    • One set identification card.
    • One of each unique character card
    • One of each plot and battlefield
    • Enough copies of each non-unique character to make 30 points.
    • Two copies of each Event, Upgrade, Support, or Downgrade.
    • Any additional cards that are allowed by the contents of this set.

NOTE: Unlike our other set printings, Kingwood Hobbies does not offer a version of this set with stickers and dice.

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