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Azul is a fantastic and beautiful strategy game that is fun for the whole family. Select your tiles and place them on your board in order to score more points than the other players. There’s just one problem. Shiny slick boards plus shiny slick tiles mean that any inadvertent bump or brush (or in the case of some folks, not so inadvertent) can send both your tiles and score marker spinning into the netherworld, losing all your hard work and leaving your game somewhere between, “hold on, let me see if I remember where everything goes” and completely ruined.

Never fear! Enter the Kingwood Hobbies Azul overlay frame! This minimalist frame snaps securely onto the standard Azul game board and provides small guides to keep your tiles exactly where you’ve placed them. That’s it. That’s the whole product. These little guys will take up very little space in your box, but protect your game from all by the most determined wild gesticulations and angry table banging.

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Some notes on this product:

  • Each square in the Wall and Score track are rigidly defined. Once you lay your tile on the spot it isn’t moving up, down, right, or left.
  • Each row in the Pattern lines holds the tiles securely on its line, but there are no guides left or right of each tile spot. Our playtesting found that players had a better experience with these rows when the tiles could slide horizontally.
  • Similarly, the Floor line also holds up and down but not left and right for the same reasons.
  • The score cubes that come with the game are slightly larger than the actual slots on the board’s Score track. This means that we could not create individual slots on the score track using the existing score cubes. This product comes with replacement cubes that are approximately 0.5mm smaller than the original ones and perfectly uniform in size. You should notice no difference between these and the originals except these may be a little more perfectly cubed.
    Because the board and tiles are so beautiful, the only standard product color option is clear. Because of the nature of 3D printing, it’s not actually clear, but more of a translucent white. In the beige parts of the board it shows up as a lighter color and in the blue parts of the board, it shows up darker. The overlay is not invisible, but should only minimally interfere with the aesthetics of the board. Custom colors are available at no extra charge. Just reach out to us when you buy and we can work together on that.

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2 reviews for Azul Board Overlay and Score Cubes

  1. Lisa Maddux (verified owner)

    I would give these 6 or 7 stars if I could. These overlays were EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for! Thank you so SO very much for making these! I have found other similar overlay options but none of them clipped onto the board themselves (as part of the design) like these Kingwood Hobbies Overlays do. People in the comments of those other Azul overlay options talked about gluing them (which only allows you to use one side of the board – essentially cutting the game options in half) or many people had pictures using those black office clips to keep them on the board and lined up properly. Buying an overlay that presents a problem (how to attach it) is not very practical. That’s why I was incredibly happy to read that these overlays snap onto the board. And they really do snap on so easily and fit the game boards perfectly. All the lines match up exactly and it wasn’t too tight where you had to force the boards in, but also not too lose that they fall off. They are literally a perfect fit. It feels like these were made WITH the game (and the game makers really should have made something like this).

    I also read many reviews from similar options saying they arrive with a ton of peel away protective wrap (which people said took many hours to take off or they never could get all the way off). These overlays don’t have any of that. They come ready to use right away! (Which we DID! We couldn’t wait to play a game as soon as we opened them and snapped them on the Azul boards. We were playing a game just 5 minutes after opening the package of overlays. Just snap them over the board (either side!) and start playing!

    You can really tell they actually did play testing on these like they mention in the description because the open horizontal sliding spots make a lot of sense when you start using them. It was truly a game changer (pun intended! lol) to have the score pieces stay in place so perfectly, as well as the tiles on the tile wall. You can pick the board up – almost vertically – and the game pieces don’t move (except those in the spots with horizontal wiggle of course). The custom score marker is also genius. Even the “Crystal Mosaic” game add-on from the game makers didn’t take the fact the score markers don’t exactly fit into the score squares when the lines are covered. Looking at reviews of that official game add-on, you can see reviewer pictures of the score markers sitting diagonally in spots because it doesn’t fit. So many tiny details were taken into account when Kingwood Hobbies created these. It’s hard to even find a cut-out pattern for the cost of the actual overlay here. You really can’t beat this option, especially for the price!

    I also love how low profile they are. We can keep them on the boards and still put them in the original box with no problem. They are seriously so perfect in all the ways I could possibly think of! This is exactly what I would have made for myself if I had the ability, and exactly what I was imagining when I was searching for something like this.

    I’m super impressed and SO grateful I stumbled upon these in my long search to find an affordable solution to the very common problem of ruined Azul games due to bumped tables or a clumsy reach across the table here and there. Like I mentioned, I did a ton of searching and reading reviews of everything else out there I could find. There are some that seem similar on the surface, but nothing that is actually quite like this! Not even the attempt to make overlays from the game creators themselves can beat these. You won’t regret getting them. If you like Azul, you’re about to LOVE Azul with these overlays! SO so worth it!

    • Trey Dismukes

      Wow, thank you. I’m so glad you’re happy with them. I especially appreciate the bit about being better than the ‘Crystal Mosaic’ add-on.

  2. Sara (verified owner)

    Great product. I am so happy with the overlays. They allow us to play Azul without worrying about the pieces shifting around. We had that as a problem when we would reach to get new tiles and it made the game difficult and a bit annoying to play. The overlay was shipped well, protected, it arrived quickly and in good condition. I highly recommended this product.

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