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Giant stompy robot games often require a huge number of dice rolls, and that can get time-consuming. Instead of rolling the same pair of dice time after time, use this box to roll every attack, every missile spread, every hit location, and every critical hit chance all at once!
These are absolutely gorgeous boxes with graphics embedded into the plastic (no stickers here), and even include customization options to make this box your own.

Each box comes with its own decorations:

  • The back of the box has a full-color logo.
  • Two sides of the box come with the Battletech logo.
  • For faction-themed boxes, one side of the box will have the name your favorite faction on it.
  • On one side of the box (two for generic-themed boxes) you will get to add your own text or image. Have a slogan? Want your last name? Maybe a well-known unit logo? All of these are available.

We do include some minor shop branding on the box. Both a QR code embedded into the side of one of the dice chambers and the name of our shop in small print along one of the side. Boxes are available with or without this branding. You will save some money by letting us add a small piece to show other people where you got your box.

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