Cara Dune – Vengeance Of Alderaan


Dice Commando has released Wave 4 of their Smash decks, this time entirely based on modern ARH cards. This printing includes the following ARH cards:

Cara Dune – Vengeance Of Alderaan
Hangar Bay – Jabiim
DH-17 Blaster Pistol
Westar-35 Blaster Pistol
Security Baton
Veteran Of War
Battle Tactic
Contingency Plan
Dank Farrik
Hold The Line
Military Prowess
Reckless Advance
Roll In The Mud
Small Battles Won
This Is Our Rebellion

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As with all fan-made cards, there is zero need to buy anything from Kingwood Hobbies to enjoy this item. All of the cards in this Smash deck are available as free print-and-play products directly from A Renewed Hope. This item merely asks Kingwood Hobbies to print these free items for you.

100% of the credit for this format and the deck lists in it goes to Dice Commando.

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