Critter Dice and Dice Tray


Solforge Fusion is an amazing game, but it needs a few accouterments to really shine. You’re gonna need some dice to keep track of all those changing critter stats, and you’re going to need something to hold all those dice in place. Available from Kingwood Hobbies:

  1. Chessex solid green d10 dice in packs of 10. Exactly the number you need to measure all five lanes
  2. Chessex solid red d10 dice in packs of 10. Gotta keep track of damage as well as health.
  3. A sweet five-lane dice tray to keep those dice still.
    • Fits perfectly at the top of your playmat without encroaching on your lanes.
    • Breaks down into two pieces for easy storage. Rolls right up into your playmat.
    • Magnetically snaps together to keep everything locked down tight while you’re playing.
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