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The Dealer’s Choice deck is my latest attempt to get all these extra cards into the hands of people who will have a good time with them. If you don’t know exactly what you want, or even if you don’t care, this is the perfect deck for you. Save your thinking juice and let me build you something to have a blast with. Feel free to drop a note into the order for some basic guidelines, or just let my whacky imagination dream up something that’s a total surprise.

This one comes in two flavors. The single deck is an excellent way to jump into the game or expand your collection without having to think about it. If you’re thinking bigger, however, the Group Starter Pack will take you and your gaming club from zero to a full game experience the game for a shockingly low price.

All of Kingwood Hobbies’ premade decks are complete gaming experiences and come with everything you need to play Destiny. This item is for a deck that adheres to the Infinite format. It draws from all cards ever printed in the game.

  • The Team listed in the title.
  • 30 card deck on-theme with the characters and at least 10 dice cards.
  • All necessary dice.
  • Relevant battlefield
  • Deck Box
  • Tokens needed to play.
  • Cards arrive sleeved and ready to go.

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