Deck Sleeves 4.1


These deck sleeves allow you to quickly and securely sort your deck collection to quickly get your fused deck up and running. Each sleeve is printed in faction colors and insignia, with SolForge Fusion badging on the back along with a spine label to let you identify the deck.

Version 4.1 of the sleeves brings some new features while maintaining backward compatibility.

  • The magnets have been drastically increased in size, each one tripling in surface area to provide a strong connection for fusing decks.
  • The magnets have also been moved to the inside of the sleeve so that they’re pulling into the material of the sleeve rather than pulling against the glue.
  • The open side of the sleeves has been widened to allow for easier reading of the deck name and decklist.
  • The overall depth of the sleeve has been increased slightly to give room decks that contain Solbind cards.
  • We’ve added a larger surface to the bottom of the sleeves. Enough room to accommodate a label so that you can read your deck name whether you store them lengthways or widthways.
  • A decorative label on the opposite long side displays art for the forgeborn.
  • Finally, our labels have added a feature where the set title and logo have been added to give you that little bit of interesting information at a glance.

Purchase 16 or more deck sleeves (A full booster box) and get all 16 with custom deck labels for free! Just drop a note along with the order that includes each deck name, it’s faction, the set it’s from (Alpha, Kickstarter, Whitefang), and its Forgeborn.

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