Destiny Bookshelf Box


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While FFG made the world a better place through the release of Star Wars: Destiny, they never figured out a way for us to store all of these wonderful dice we’ve all bought. Over the years folks have tried many different ways to store dice, but none of them have felt quite right. When the release of ARH sets vaulted me from merely a purveyor of cards and dice to their manufacturer, I started looking seriously at the issue, and I feel like I finally have something worthy of your time. Beginning with Redemption, all Kingwood Hobbies set prints come complete with this storage solution, but there are plenty of older cards that need love, too. If you’re pleased with our set storage solution for Redemption, you can expand your bookshelf collection of Destiny using these attractive cases. Each box contains:

  • 1 box with a customized spine label
  • 3 dice trays (each tray holds 72 dice, so 216 dice per box)


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