Errata Pack: Summer 2022


Included in this pack are all the cards that have been updated as of July 4, 2022 from all ARH sets. See the image gallery for images of all updated cards.

  • 1 Beru Lars
  • 1 Rey – Jedi in Waiting
  • 2 Greed Can Be a Powerful Ally
  • 2 Jedi Temple Guards
  • 2 Tusken Camp
  • 1 General Grievous – Kaleesh Warlord
  • 1 Iden Versio – Imperial Ace
  • 3 Patient Padawan
  • 1 Clone Commander Cody – Ardent Commander
  • 1 Bo-Katan Kryze – Rightful Ruler
  • 1 Zeb Orrelios – Honorable Warrior
  • 1 Ninth Sister – Brutish Empath
  • 1 Second Sister – Expert Duelist
  • 2 Unending Hate
  • 1 FN-2199 – Fierce Fighter
  • 1 Bing – Cybernetic Killer
  • 1 Cal Kestis – Jedi in Hiding
  • 1 Galen Erso – Conscripted Physicist
  • 2 Force Affinity
  • 1 Extremist Campaign
  • 1 Cad Bane – Callous Outlaw
  • 1 Din Djarin – The Mandalorian
  • 1 Stay Ahead
  • 1 Kylo Ren – Driven by Fear
  • 1 Maul – Consumed by Revenge
  • 4 Pirate Loyalist
  • 2 Den of Thieves
  • 1 Burryaga Agaburry – Savior of Hetzal
  • 1 Leia Organa – Adept Student
  • 1 Admiral Ackbar – Brilliant Tactician
  • 2 Veteran of War
  • 1 Benthic – “Two Tubes”
  • 1 Lumpawaroo – Chewbacca’s Pride
  • 1 Obi-Wan Kenobi – “Rako Hardeen”
  • 1 The Ultimate Heist
  • 1 No Room For Failure

Note, some of the cards in this pack are cards that were previously errata’d and then returned to their original cards (Ackbar and The Ultimate Heist). We’ve included them here so that you can have a version number on your card in case you run across someone playing the previously errata’d version.

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Before I get to the details, I want to stress that all of the card images and dice sides involved in this are available to the community for completely free. The fine people at A Renewed Hope are receiving no compensation from their work other than to keep the game they love going. This sale is completely about offering a printing service for something you can download and print yourself, for free. If that intrigues you, I highly recommend making your own copies of the cards rather than leveraging any printing services from Kingwood Hobbies.

One of the benefits of this new era of Destiny is the speed with which our new overlords, ARH, can respond to imbalances in particular cards. With everything released digitally, it’s quite simple for them to bump a point here or add a resource cost there for cards that ended up being too powerful. Kingwood Hobbies’s printing service now adjusts to accommodate these changes in card text by offering Errata Packs. This product supplies you with replacement cards so that you’re always playing with the most up-to-date versions of cards. Each pack includes enough cards to have a full playset of each.

One added bonus of our Errata Packs that you won’t find in the base updated cards are the small additions of version numbers to updated cards. If you and an opponent have the same card that says two different things, things can get squirrelly in a hurry, so we’ve added a small bit to allow the two of you to know who is playing with the most recent version.

Finally, these packs are absolutely free to people who have bought full playset printings in the past year through Kingwood Hobbies as part of our errata insurance program. If you purchased a full playset from us, please include a note specifying such, and we will refund your full purchase price, excluding shipping.

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