Extras: Redemption


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The wonderful Redemption cards brought to us by the ARH team bring with them some expectations of your collection. Several cards call for the player to supply their own dice from older sets. Specifically:

  • 501st Assault Team asks for E-Web Emplacements from Spirit of Rebellion (includes 4)
  • Redemption asks for Medical Droids from the Two-Player Game (includes 2)
  • Admiral Ackbar asks for X-Wings from Across the Galaxy (includes 4)

This product brings you stickers and dice for those cards just in case you don’t already own them. Also included here are extra:

  • Pirate Loyalist (includes 2)
  • Blizzard One (includes 1)

If you’re looking for someone to assemble them all for you, we’re happy to do that as well. Just check out the set with Concierge Service.

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