Forgotten Heroes


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Like so many games that were taken from us too early, the Game of Thrones LCG has continued through the efforts of its passionate, never-say-die fanbase. Spearheaded by the Global Operations Team, new sets have continued to release to keep the game moving forward.

The Forgotten Heroes set features some of the more prominent characters FFG didn’t make cards for. The general idea of this set is to design characters that support some underdeveloped themes like the bestow keyword and some faction-specific deck types. Archmaester Marwyn was our benchmark for a card that can make a very specific archetype viable. For this reason, the FH cards are a bit more complicated than the average Thrones card. We also put a lot of effort into thematic and nedly abilities.

As with all Kingwood Hobbies game printing services, there is zero need for you to give us any money to enjoy this game. All of the source files you need to play are available directly from the game designers for no cost. Click anywhere in this paragraph to take you directly to the place you can download the art files and make your own cards. The only reason to order prints through Kingwood Hobbies is to take advantage of our experience and resources to get high-quality, professional-level prints of what you can make on your own.

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