Imperial Lockdown | Wullf Yularen/Conan Motti/Jawa Junk Dealer


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I’m always keen to find cards that haven’t seen play and figure out what I can do with them. One entire class of character that’s never really been good are the Imperial officers. They always seem to show up with interesting, but unplayable abilities.

After some Deep Thoughts, I figured that I could pair the Imperial officer team of Motti and Yularen with the money-making Jawa Junk Dealer to perform some serious hand shredding.

This deck is chock full of dice sweepers to keep you alive. With a total of SIX cards that can knock three dice off the table, your opponent will stare helplessly at no hands and no dice.

All of Kingwood Hobbies’ $10 decks are complete gaming experiences and come with everything you need to play Destiny.

The Team listed in the title.
– 30 card deck on-theme with the characters and at least 10 dice cards.
– All necessary dice.
– Relevant battlefield
– Deck Box
– Tokens needed to play. (Please note on the order if you need the tokens)
– Cards arrive sleeved and ready to go.
The included image is not necessarily the exact list of this deck, but it will be similar. Each deck is built after it’s been ordered.

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