Individual Rebel Alliance 2.0 Conversion Kits


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Now that I’m able to pick up some collections, I can offer individual ship conversion kits. These are unplayed parts I’ve picked up from people who didn’t need all of their kits. Each kit comes with the complete contents of the conversion kit that pertain to that ship including:

  • Pilot cards
  • Pilot tokens
  • Movement dials
  • Medium plastic base (if applicable)
  • Medium conversion peg (if applicable)

Additional information

Ship Type

A/SF-01 B-Wing, ARC-170, Attack Shuttle, Auzituck Gunship, BTL-A4 Y-Wing, BTL-S8 K-Wing, E-Wing, HWK-290, Modified YT-1300, RZ-1 A-Wing, Sheathipede-class Shuttle, T-65 X-Wing, TIE/ln, UT-60D U-Wing, VCX-100, YT-2400, Z-95-AF4 Headhunter


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