Rebel Alliance Ship Models


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With the advent of 2.0 and the Conversion Kits, 1.0 became useful mostly for its plastic models. In here you can find individual plastic models, including cool alternate paint schemes, for all of the Rebel Alliance ships. These are only the models. No other pieces are included. The exception to this is the VCX-100. It comes with the special tripod peg stand that originally accompanied the expansion.

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A/SF-01 B-Wing Gray, A/SF-01 B-Wing Red, ARC-170, Attack Shuttle, Auzituck Gunship, BTL-A4 Y-Wing Rebel, BTL-S8 K-Wing, E-Wing, HWK-290, Modified YT-1300 Original, RZ-1 A-Wing Blue, RZ-1 A-Wing Red, Sheathipede-class Shuttle, T-65 X-Wing Rebel Transport, T-65 X-Wing Red Squadron, TIE/ln Sabine, UT-60D U-Wing Blue, VCX-100, YT-2400, Z-95-AF4 Headhunter Rebel


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