Kingwood Hobbies $8 Decks – IG-88 Yellow




In our first series of Star Wars: Unlimited decks, we are attempting to address the Spring 24 product shortage by getting premade decks into the hands of players around the world for an inexpensive price. These decks feature each common leader paired with one of the common bases to offer a unique play style centered around what that leader offers.  Each deck comes in a sleek shrink-wrapped package with a leader, a base, and 50 cards carefully selected to fuel you to victory.

In this deck, IG-88 is paired with Aggression to swarm the opponent using IG-88’s bonus damage ability. Filled with hard-hitting, low-cost units with built-in ways to achieve numerical superiority, your side of the board should outpace theirs as you crash into their base over and over until they’re dead. Choose your spot to flip IG-88 when he can stay alive, and your units will carry you to victory on a red and yellow tide.

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