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In our first series of Star Wars: Unlimited decks, we are attempting to address the Spring 24 product shortage by getting premade decks into the hands of players around the world for an inexpensive price. These decks feature each common leader paired with one of the common bases to offer a unique play style centered around what that leader offers.  Each deck comes in a sleek shrink-wrapped package with a leader, a base, and 50 cards carefully selected to fuel you to victory.

So near and dear to my heart, Jyn paired with Command is an awesome combination that most of the world hasn’t latched onto yet. In this deck you will seamlessly switch between aggro and control depending on what the opponent is doing. Against an aggro deck, your small, but feisty, units will use Jyn’s ability to survive smashing into your opponent’s creatures. When your Battlefield Marine (3/3) crashes into their Battlefield Marine (3/3 > 2/3 because Jyn), their Marine is dead and yours isn’t. Now they have to spend a card dealing with your damaged Marine while you’re off making more dudes. Against a more controlling deck, you’re just using the highest-efficiency threat cards to demolish their base.

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