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In our first series of Star Wars: Unlimited decks, we are attempting to address the Spring 24 product shortage by getting premade decks into the hands of players around the world for an inexpensive price. These decks feature each common leader paired with one of the common bases to offer a unique play style centered around what that leader offers.  Each deck comes in a sleek shrink-wrapped package with a leader, a base, and 50 cards carefully selected to fuel you to victory.

Krennic is here, and Krennic want to land haymakers. This deck features a big bunch of small creatures who want to tangle with your opponents, stalling until you can start landing the hammer blows. With fully 24% of your deck being 5 and 6 drops that will bring the pain, you can afford to resource a couple in the beginning while you build up your presence. Once your opponent is out of gas and only playing small units, that’s when the real game begins. Steadfast Battalion, Academy Defense Walker, Cargo Juggernaut, Gladiator Star Destroyer, Mercenary Company, and AT-ST lurk in your deck, waiting to smash the opponent into oblivion.

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