Leia Organa – Adept Student


Dice Commando has released Wave 4 of their Smash decks, this time entirely based on modern ARH cards. This printing includes the following ARH cards:

Leia Organa – Adept Student
Monastery – Mortis
Ataru Mastery
Ataru Training
Leia Organa’s Lightsaber
Sentinel Lightsaber
Apt Lesson
Deep Meditation
Force Reflexes
Harness The Force
Hawk-Bat Swoop
I Sense A Trap
Proficient Attack
Will of the Force

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As with all fan-made cards, there is zero need to buy anything from Kingwood Hobbies to enjoy this item. All of the cards in this Smash deck are available as free print-and-play products directly from A Renewed Hope. This item merely asks Kingwood Hobbies to print these free items for you.

100% of the credit for this format and the deck lists in it goes to Dice Commando.

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