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My second take on a mill deck, Maz Parti is a mono Yellow deck that relies on an original decking character, the Jedha Partisan paired with the little-used Maz Kanata. There are some sweet upgrades in here that never really found a good home, but should see some effective play in this deck.
– Infiltrate really should have seen play, but it just never did. How many times do you feel good about an opponent rerolling your good dice?
– Maz Kanata’s Power Action is a great way to trigger the double mill. You’ve got to time it right, but if you do your opponent will be stuck between choosing whether to let you knock two off the top of their deck or you mucking up their best die.
– Sandcrawler is an interesting addition that should pump out tons of extra shields and health while you’re finishing off their deck and hand.
– There is tons of zero cost removal available for this archetype, and there’s a huge panic button available in Hyperspace Jump.

All of Kingwood Hobbies’ Preconstructed decks are complete gaming experiences and come with everything you need to play Destiny.

The Team listed in the title.
– 30 card deck on-theme with the characters and at least 10 dice cards.
– All necessary dice.
– Relevant battlefield
– Deck Box
– Tokens needed to play. (Please note on the order if you need the tokens)
– Cards arrive sleeved and ready to go.
The included image is not necessarily the exact list of this deck, but it will be similar. Each deck is built after it’s been ordered.

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