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Using colored dice to remind yourself how far your mech moved is a Battletech trick as old as the game itself. What comes along with that, however, are the issues of remembering what those dice mean. Are the green dice running or walking? What does the six-side mean, again? Enter the next level of reminder dice, Kingwood Hobbies custom Battletech reminder dice. These large colorful dice are custom made for Battletech, and everything about them is meant to clearly and easily remind you exactly what you need to add to your roll.

  • Dice are color-coded to remind you what type of movement, blue for jumping (that’s the sky, get it?), red for running (FAST), and green for walking.
  • Each die side shows a multitude of information.
    • The number of hexes moved.
    • The combat modifier that number of hexes mean to be shot at (this includes the +1 for jumping)
    • The combat modifier you need to add to your roll based on the color of dice.

Simply place these dice next to your mech on the board, and you will be the envy of everyone at the table. Pick up your solo group or lance pack today!

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