Rogue Squadron | Wedge Antilles/eRebel Pilot/eRebel Pilot/Fortified Position


Wedge Antilles and his wingmates will do whatever it takes to protect the galaxy and the Rebellion from the evil clutches of the Empire. This squad comes roaring in to pilot their starfighters and fend off your enemies. Individually weak, the deck comes loaded with ways to generate shield protection and heal your pilots.


This deck is built 100% from ARH-era cards. For an explanation of what that means, see the bottom of this description.

All of Kingwood Hobbies’ Preconstructed decks are complete gaming experiences and come with everything you need to play Destiny.

    • The Team listed in the title.
    • Cards for the deck list shown in the image.
    • Custom art Deck Box
    • Non-Concierge Service.
      • Blank dice for every dice card in the team and deck
      • Stickers to turn the blank dice in rollable Destiny dice.
      • Tools for aligning stickers accurately
    • Concierge Service.
      • All dice prestickered by our experts.

Our Concierge service is for folks who don’t have the time to sticker their own dice. For an additional $10 let our experts apply the stickers to your dice for you so that the cards

The groundbreaking card and dice game of Star Wars: Destiny was released in 2016 by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) as a collectible card game where you would buy booster packs to build your collection and build decks from there. For various reasons, FFG ended production of the game in 2020 after releasing nine full sets (along with several smaller products).

Unwilling to let the game they loved die, a group of die-hard fans responded by creating the incredibly well-organized group, A Renewed Hope (ARH), to continue making cards to keep this game they loved alive. This group has succeeded tremendously and has put out multiple sets every year since FFG ended its stewardship of the game. Instead of releasing booster packs for you to buy to add cards to your collection, ARH sets are released completely free of charge for you to download, print, and play on your own. You can download images of both cards and dice sides completely free from their website.

Kingwood Hobbies has embraced this new era of Destiny by creating a printing service to help you get high-quality versions of all the cards and dice that ARH releases. Included in that offering are complete preconstructed decks to jumpstart your gameplay in this new Destiny world. Again, you do not need to buy anything to get these ARH cards. You are perfectly welcome to download the card images from the link above and make your own decks from our ARH-era decklists. Picking up the deck printings from us will only get you a professional-quality printing of what you can make yourself for free.

As not everyone wants to jump into this new era of Destiny, our decks are clearly marked with both a flag in the main image as well as a line at the very top of the description telling you whether that deck is from the FFG or ARH eras.

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