SWD Encounters: Balance of the Force


Based on feedback and playtesting, the creator released updated versions of 7 cards. These are all present here. Simply replace the previous card with the new version. This comes with updated versions of:

Base Set

    • 2 Shatter
    • 2 Shatter (elite)
    • 2 Relentless Assault
    • 2 Relentless Assault (elite)
    • 4 Focus
    • 4 Focus (elite)
    • 2 Defense
    • 2 Defense (elite)

The Obi-Wan Saga Enemy Pack

    • Millennium Falcon
    • Millennium Falcon (elite)

Boba Fett Enemy Pack

  • 2 Death From Above


Encounters is a fanmade cooperative variant for Star Wars: Destiny where players face legendary characters atĀ iconic locations from across the galaxy. This variant is designed to allow anyone with a starter deck to jump right in, while also offering various difficulty settings to present seasoned players with a meaningful challenge.

This variant uses the latest Star Wars: Destiny Rules Reference document by Fantasy Flight Games as its basis. However, the Rulesheet that is included with starter decks and this document are all players require in order to learn how to play.

As with all Kingwood Hobbies professional printing options, there is zero need to buy anything from us to use these cards. All items available here are offered as a free print-and-play product from their creators.

You can freely download all SWD Encounters print files here.

Additional information

Weight8 oz


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