Transformations Complete Playset Printing


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Before I get to the details, I want to stress that all of the cards in Transformations are available to you completely free from Fantasy Flight Games. They released this set as print and play over the summer of 2020. This sale is completely about offering a printing service for something you can download and print yourself, for free. If that intrigues you, I highly recommend making your own copies of the cards rather than leveraging any printing services from Kingwood Hobbies.

The playset printing comes with enough cards, dice, and stickers to play any deck you like using any of the cards in the set.

This includes:

  • One copy of each of the 12 double-sided cards in the Transformations set.
  • 10 blank Blue dice
  • 2 blank Yellow dice
  • 3 blank Red dice
  • 1 sticker sheet containing enough stickers for each of the above blank dice
  • 1 single-die sticker tool to aid in placing the stickers on the dice perfectly

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