The Mandalorian Christmas by New Destiny Hungary (Preorder)


The Christmas surprise fan set released from New Destiny Hungary, The Mandalorian Christmas brings the popular television show to life on your kitchen table. This set includes:

  • 39-fan created cards (22 different cards)
  • Enough blank dice to play any combination of cards in the set, 2 per unique character, 1 per non-unique character, 2 per non-unique upgrade or support, and 1 per unique upgrade or support. 6 Red, 16 Yellow, and 6 Gray dice.
  • Stickers to turn your blank dice into fully Destiny-compatible dice.
  • A sticker tool to help make your dice as pretty as possible. Additional sticker tools are available.


All of these cards are available for absolutely free through the New Destiny Hungary fan page. Kingwood Hobbies merely brings its printing expertise for those professionally printed physical copies of the cards.

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Complete Playset, Cards Only, Dice Only, Stickers Only


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