Transformations Complete Set


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For our second printing of Transformations sets, I decided to up the ante and throw in a bit more value.  In addition to the absurdly high print and feel quality of cards we’re used to, I recognized that not everyone owns the dice they would need to play these. I made some dice markers that come included with the sets so that you can use any standard six-sided dice with them. You can cut these up and put into your dice pool just like regular dice faces, or you put your rolled die on these as a marker on the appropriate side.

The new 12 card set from Fantasy Flight Games for Star Wars: Destiny comes as a print-and-play package. Well, I’ve printed some up. This set includes:

Anakin Skywalker – Reckless One
ARC Trooper Echo – Courageous and Resolute
ARC Trooper Fives – Arc-5555
Choose Your Destiny
Clone Commander Wolffe – Staunch Strategist
Closing In
Darth Vader – Driven by Anger
Demolition Droid
Han Solo – Cool and Confident
I Will Not Turn
Luke Skywalker – Fulfilling His Destiny
Luke Skywalker – Seeking the Path
Mortis (Day) – Ethereal Space
Mortis (Night) – Ethereal Space
Obi-Wan Kenobi – Wise Protector
Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Spirit
Rescue Han Solo
Send in the Troopers
Sweeper Droid Infiltration
We Stand


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