Destiny Compatible Transformations Dice Stickers




The new Print-and-Play Destiny set, Transformations, references ‘Parallel Dice’ where some of the new cards use dice from older cards. With so many different dice already printed for the game, it makes sense to cut production costs by reusing some of them. The downside, however, is that not everyone has these dice in their hands. For those people, we present proxy dice stickers for each of the parallel dice referenced in the new set. Each sheet comes with one sticker for each side of these dice, allowing you to transform alternative, or even blank, dice to use with the new cards. Also included is a guide showing you how to apply stickers so that they match the order of the faces on the original dice.

Based on customer feedback we’ve revised the stickers to make this already great value even better. With higher quality paper and better graphics resolution, these will definitely get you closer to a real Destiny die.

If you’re happy with the lower, matte quality stickers, we’re offering those at a discount as long as we have paper left.

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