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Ursula’s Return: Illumineer’s Quest – Deep Trouble


Released with Ursula’s Return

The Illumineer’s Quest is a brand new type of box set and a new way to play that has been totally hidden up until now! In Deep Trouble, instead of playing against each other, you can work together to defeat Ursula.

“Playing in a group or solo, you’ll go up against Ursula whose powers increase throughout the battle. Deploying her entangled army, she’ll do anything to slow you and your group down. Work together and you may just end up victorious.”

You can play solo, as a pair, or with up to four players if you have two others standard decks to add. The box set looks to be the same size as the Gift Set, and comes with the following: –

1 Oversized Ursula card
1 Ursula scenario deck (50 cards)
2 Prebuilt Disney Lorcana TCG decks (60 cards each)
2 Oversized, double-sided battleground cards
1 Deep Trouble playmat
1 Ursula draw token
3 Lore tracker tokens
29 Damage counters
1 Secret victory card
1 Deep Trouble rules sheet
The secret victory cards come in a gold sealed pack which can only be opened when players defeat Ursula. The tokens also look like they can track objectives other than lore on the playmat.

The 50-card scenario deck has a gold backing, with the set numbering going up to 31, with Q1 (for Quest 1?) as the set number. The symbol looks like a lore tracker token. These cards are not legal in competitive events.

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