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Allies of Necessity is Up for Preorder

The new limited set has been spoiled. Preorder your copies today to make sure you have them immediately. Read about the set from Fantasy Flight here.

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Across the Galaxy is (mostly) Live! With Images!

Apologies if this is poorly edited. It’s 3:45AM, and I’ve been typing and clicking up a storm.

Short Announcement, folks. Preorders for Destiny Across the Galaxy singles are live!

Thanks a ton to JediGeekGirl and the I Rebel Podcast for posting most of the images I used for these preorders. Go check her out at the link above. That girl is an awesome part of the Destiny community.

Not much more to say, go check out the list of cards, with image, right here.

If you want to skip the fuss and just get everything, check out our complete, saga, and common sets here.

I’m gonna go crash now…

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Saw’s Renegades and TIE Reaper are In Stock!

The new TIE Reaper and Saw’s Renegades expansions for X-Wing are now in stock and shipping! These expansions are future proof as they include both the X-Wing v1.0 stuff to get you through Store Champs season, as well as the kit you will need to run them in X-Wing 2.0 come Fall.

​Click on the images below to order.

As always, if you’re local, choose “Local Pickup” as your shipping option, and you can swing by and grab them yourself to save on shipping charges.

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Hurricane Harvey?

While it’s technically not Star Wars related, since so many folks are aware of our Harvey status I figured I would chronicle the Kingwood Hobbies rebuild through here. Maybe it’s cathartic, maybe it’s feeling the need to justify telling everyone that it’s what I’m using this site to pay for, or maybe it’s just to kickstart me writing something again. Dunno, but if you’re reading this, then Howdy, and welcome to the project.

If you have any questions about flooding, rebuilding the place, Harvey in general, or pretty much anything surrounding this predicament I’m going through, please drop me a line under our Contact section up top. My life is, mostly, an open book, and I’m happy to share.

Surgery on the house has started. If you’re going to to rip your house down to the studs for a Bad Thing, you might as well rebuild it how you like, no? Let’s change this room into a mother-in-law suite. How about a toilet over there? Maybe move the kitchen to this part, and OOOH! I KNOW! Let’s put this AWESOME island into it! The first part of that is to figure out where you’re going to need sewer drainage and water, and get those pipes put in. That means literally carving a chunk out of the foundation of your home and laying new pipe under it. As I type this it sounds like someone is revving a motorcycle engine downstairs as they saw through my foundation. Smells like it to.

Yep, under my house.

There is a giant dirt pile in my wife’s office. This dirt has been under my house for forty years.
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Hey Everyone, Look at ME!

It looks like I’ve finally got the ability to surface articles and such. Expect to see more content filling these slots much sooner. In the interim, enjoy this puppy.

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Spirit of Rebellion Incoming

I got home from World’s (amazing time, met many awesome people) to find 7 boxes of SoR waiting on me, and at least five more waiting for me to pick up. If you know anything about Houston, you know that driving around to a bunch of different places means basically planning a visit to a distant city. In the interim, I’ve gotten all seven boxes opened and collated, and I’m about to put them up on the site.

Pricing updates are coming. I haven’t had time to research what exactly market prices are, so you might find something that seems weird. If it’s way too high, rest assured that I will bring it inline with the market later today (fingers crossed that Real Job is quiet enough for me to catch up completely). If it’s too low, then definitely take advantage of my ignorance to score some deals.

​If I’m out of something, I expect to have five more boxes of cards up by tomorrow at the latest.

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New Stuff Today

Added a few cool things today. Some were even on the todo list.

    Added ability to take credit cards, not just PayPal.
    Added a link to show all of the stock I actually have in. It’s more kludgy than I’d like, but it works. Now there’s a button at the top of the store that will open a PDF of stock. I still have to publish it every day though, so it’s a manual process. It does have links to take customers directly to the inventory item though!
    Finished off my inventory of promo cards.