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Faltering Allegiances Printing Service is Live

It’s well known by now that Fantasy Flight Games has ended support for Star Wars: Destiny. No new sets (barring the final one that has been printed but not yet distributed) will come out, and FFG will be moving on to different games.

While it’s frustrating to have a game so beloved by its fan base meet an untimely demise, all hope is not lost. In the wake of FFG’s announcement, a group of dedicated players gathered to attempt to extend the life of Star Wars: Destiny. Scrappy Rebels one and all, this group was drawn from playtesters, high-level competitors, content creators, and passionate fans. This continuing committee, against all odds, buckled down and essentially started their own, completely volunteer, game company in an effort to stave off the end of this game we love so much. This group is known as A Renewed Hope.

After months of work in our COVID-enforced isolation, the ARH team has emerged with the first fruits of their efforts; the next set for players to use in Destiny. An ambitious project, Faltering Allegiances is nearly 100 cards of new characters, events, and more that will expand the Destiny landscape in some very exciting ways.

Instead of the traditional method of distribution, random booster packs, A Renewed Hope sets will be released for free as a print-and-play supplement. It’s important to note that these cards, in digital form, are 100% free for you to download and play with. No one in ARH will make a dime off of these cards. They are a labor of love simply to keep the game going strong.

That being said, there are some people who might be looking to play the game physically rather than digitally, and want a more professional look and feel to their game components than what they are able to whip up on their home printer. For those people, Kingwood Hobbies is bringing its logistics and manufacturing capabilities online in multiple aspects.

First, are the cards. Our relationships allow us to have an incredibly high-quality, professionally printed playset of cards made and delivered to you. These cards are the same type as those used in our versions of the print-and-play Transformations sets, which have met with rave reviews from all of our customers. At approximately 165 cards, these sets are substantially larger than the 20 cards in Transformations, so expect to receive a heftier brick of cardboard when you order these.

Pictured are our Transformations cards. We’re still waiting on the Faltering Allegiances final images like everyone else.

Second, are the dice sides. While we don’t have the ability to exactly mimic the original Destiny dice just yet, we have a very high-quality process involving stickers for you to use. Our vinyl stickers are exceptionally clear and vivid, with easy to read sides that will look quite at home alongside your existing Destiny dice.

Pictured are our Transformations stickers. We’re still waiting on the Faltering Allegiances final images like everyone else.

Third, are the blank dice themselves. Instead of throwing away old dice by covering them up with stickers, you can now use brand new dice that look and feel exactly like the original Destiny dice. When you roll these, you will be pleased with how well they blend in with the dice you already have. Kingwood Hobbies has these dice for you, and we have them in bunches.

Fourth, we have the tools needed to help you get your dice stickered up quickly and accurately. Anyone can slap a sticker on a die. Doing it freehand takes time, however, and stickering up 558 sides is going to get real old, real quick. Having perfectly made dice will add tremendously to your game experience and these tools make that work suck so much less. Every full playset of cards, dice, and stickers will come with a free single-die tool. Additional single-die tools and 36 die tools are available for an additional charge if you want to really charge up your stickering process.

Sexy Sticker Placement

Finally, for those of you who just want things to show up so that you can get to it, we offer our concierge service for these dice. With the concierge service, your dice will arrive completely and perfectly stickered up inside cushiony foam beds that will make sure everything is safe and sound, ready for you to play.

All of these items are available individually through our main Faltering Allegiances page, with substantial discounts when you get everything together.

Please remember, that you don’t have to buy anything at all in order to play these cards. They will release for free on October 16, 2020 on the main A Renewed Hope website. If you’re looking for something professionally done, however, we’re here for you.

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Altered Standard: More Prizes and Another Deck


Thanks to the largess of a mysterious benefactor, we have another spotgloss to give away at this shindig. As an additional door prize given away to a random participant there will be a Yoda spotgloss card up for grabs. If you’re counting, this puts us up to a total of SIX (6) spotgloss cards that we are giving away in just over one week on Saturday, February 23, 2019. AND THAT”S JUST WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT! Between high finishes and random door prizes, these are the spotgloss cards we’ve committed to giving away at the tournament.


In addition to the prizes you might win, there’s an additional prize we’ve cooked up that you will definitely win. We’ve got a new product coming out before long, and we’re celebrating its development by giving one away to every participant of the tournament.
​Behold, our new DICE POOLS!

  • Hold up to ten dice securely until you’re ready to resolve them. No more accidentally turning die faces while you’re reaching for something or rolling additional dice.
  • Nibs to keep each die separate.
  • Foam bottoms prevent your dice from getting scratched.
  • Magnetically snap together for easy storage in a way that protects the inside.




Now that we’ve got some more of the prize reveal out of the way. Let’s talk about decks. There’s been a lot of chatter around the area about this tournament. Lots of play-testing and whatnot, and I’ve seen quite a diverse range of teams folks are piling together. If I’ve seen your deck, no need to fret. I’m not blowing up anyone’s spot today. Just like the Gungans last week, this is my own concoction. I’ve played it a couple of times now, though, and it seems to do well. Before we launch into the deck, though, let’s go over the rules for this tournament:
1. This is normal Destiny. Outside of the side-boarding process and deck building rule changes, this is just the Destiny you’re used to.
2. Every team in this tournament must use the plot Solidarity. That means you have to be all the same color, you can only play one of any given card, and you have 31 points to play with.
3. Because everyone is bringing mono-color, we’re not going to let anyone play with cards that screw mono color. That means banned cards. Specifically, Kylo Ren – Tormented One and Kylo Ren’s Starfighter are not allowed in this tournament.
4. This also precludes using any other plots. We’re still holding to the “one plot per team” rule, however stupid I personally think that is.
5. Deck size is 45 cards. Instead of the normal 30 cards, you’re going to bring a 50% larger deck.
6. Side-boarding is here. Of the 45 cards you’re bringing, you’re only going to play any given match with 40 of them. At the beginning of each match, you and your opponent will reveal your teams to each other. Then you will go through your 45 cards, pull out five, and set them aside. You do not have to show your opponent what you removed.

On to the deck! For my next deck, I decided to focus on the thing we’re all showing up for. The spotgloss Darth Vader. In the process of picking up the one to give away, I picked myself up one, so I thought I would build a deck with him! That way, all of my play testing with folks could show off what that brass ring looks like.

The first question was who to pair him with. Hitting exactly 31 points leaves you with a few options in mono Blue. Specifically, you get to choose from Nightsister, Dark Advisor, Servant of the Dark Side, and Luce. The main drawback to these larger decks with a max of one card is loss of consistency. With this deck I’ve tried to fight that through character selection. First, Darth Vader. His dice are going to be more consistent than whatever my opponent is doing to stop his dice. For his teammate I’ve chosen to go with someone else to fight inconsistency, Dark Advisor. Dark Advisor’s special ability allows me to look at far more cards than my opponent, increasing the likelihood that I will be holding the right card at the right time. For the others, Nightsister and Servant of the Dark Side both have less health and don’t offer the consistency upgrade. Luce actually helps fight inconsistency by being a continual source of re-rolling the opponent’s die, but I went the other way because I want to be using my cards for other things.

With the team defined. Let’s take a look at card selection for the deck. I went through to make my first pass for the deck and then took those cards to Table Top Simulator to make the final list. Take a look at my thought processes for hitting the final 45 below.

Finally, we have some gameplay with the deck. My buddy Justin agreed to bring one of his earlier deck experiments online so that I could take it for a test drive.

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45 Gungans

Altered Standard 45 Card Solidarity: Deck 1

For my first stab at a sample deck I tried to Embrace the Jank. Part way through the Way of the Force metagame I had some success with a four-wide Gungan deck using vehicles to power through damage. It wasn’t a fantastic deck, but it sure was a ton of fun to beat folks with our favorite characters to hate. With a wide open card pool I was able to find a lot of suitable replacements for things I previously had two of.

Below you will find me making the final few cuts to the deck (apparently while encased in a mayonnaise jar). Even when building a self-proclaimed “jank” deck, you can still adhere to solid deck building principles. I focused on as much consistency and resource generation as I could, all while utilizing my large health pool to spread out damage.

The final deck looked like this.

After I put the finishing touches on the deck, my cosponsor Brian from the Jank It Up podcast went head to head to see whose deck could survive. I was pleasantly surprised with his Super Droid/ePhasma2/TIE Pilot team as it was one I’d not come across in my thinking. Take a gander at the game below, and let me know what you think.

*note* Next time I will actually record all of my commentary.

Next time, I bring Vader to the table.

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Altered Standard 2: It’s Gettin’ Nutty In Here

Let’s get this out of the way first. There’s a Destiny tournament at Kingwood Hobbies on February 23, 2019 where first prize is a spotgloss Darth Vader – Terror to Behold. If you want to rock Fat Nasty in his most pimpalicious form and make all the boys swoon, show up and take it from the other folks trying to do the same.

When: February 23, 2019 1PM

Where: Kingwood Hobbies in Kingwood, TX


Brian from the Jank it Up Fuzzball Podcast approached me about wanting to run a Solidarity tournament sometime in the early part of the year. I tend to get… excited about things, so I eagerly agreed, and took off with it. 

Tournament Details

This isn’t your standard Destiny tournament. (lol, get it? S/standard?) We’re blowing out Awakenings block with a big ole bang, and getting ready for the first Standard set rotation in style. This time we’re testing your team and deck building skills in a way that’s never been done before. Here’s what you’re showing up to play with:

  • 1 team of characters that must include the plot Solidarity.
  • 1 deck that adheres to all of the normal deck building restrictions (including those on Solidarity) with one exception. You’re deck size is exactly 45 cards.
  • Kylo Ren – Tormented Soul and Kylo Ren’s Starfighter are banned. If we’re making everyone play single color, we’re not going to let you punish people for it.

Here’s how the tournament will unfold:

  • Each match will start with both players laying out their team for the opponent to review. Then each player will dig through their deck and remove five cards. The five cards, you don’t have to show which they are, are set aside face down. Then, you play your match as normal with a 40 card deck.
  • Normal Swiss rounds based on the number of participants
  • Cut to Top 4 with a single elimination tournament.
  • Top 4 rounds are a single game because

There are three official sponsors for this tournament, and they’re all giving prizes for things.

AEGIS_Broadcasting will be handling the video distribution. If you’re far away and can’t make it, you will be able to kick back and watch some wild-ass Destiny being played. Julio will have some door prizes to give away for whomever has the most interesting match on stream. Even if you lose on camera, you have a shot to take something nice home. 

Jank it Up Fuzzball, the root idea of this whole shindig, is angling to see the most jankest deck you can come up with. Whatever your definition of jank is, throw it together and come make a splash. Brian is handing out three awards, voted on entirely by him, for Jank, Janker, and Jankest.

Kingwood Hobbies:  I don’t know exactly what Julio and Brian are coming up with, but it will definitely be some amazeballs stuff. I do, however, know what I’m doling out for prizes (mostly). I tend to get excited. I also have a soft spot for those also-rans that don’t quite make the top cut in tournaments. This leads to me giving away some nutty prizes even to those who don’t do well. If you were at my Store Champs last summer you have some idea. I handed out two spotgloss cards as door prizes. I only advertised the one. The second was a surprise at the event. Anyway, on to THIS event. I’m going to be adding more, but so far here is what I’ve got:

Prizes Based on Finish

First Place

I’ve acquired a big daddy Vader to give away for first place here. Someone, please take him from me.

Second Place

As a “consolation prize” for losing in the final round of the tournament, the second place finisher will walk away with a spotgloss Obi-Wan Kenobi – Jedi Master. Take this dude and smush some opponents with him plz.

Third and Fourth Place

If you’re good enough to make the final tournament, but those other two yahoos smack you around in the first match, you can salve your bruised ego with a fancy Executioner spotgloss card. Go pair him up with a spotgloss Snoke and wallop some folks with evil red sticks in style.

Door Prizes

If you play in the tournament you are walking away with something. There’s varying levels of niceness, but certainly no garbage. There are two big poppa door prizes I’m giving away, however. Again, these can be yours no matter how badly you suck at Destiny. Just show up, play, and win the drawing.

Mother Talzin/Plo Koon Spotgloss

I did well enough at my last Regionals that I won my very own copy of this card, so I no longer need the one I traded for. I figured it would do some good in the hands of someone who might not have made it to a Regional or didn’t do well. Sally forth and smash someone with a weird, blue alien.

Darth Vader – Terror to Behold

Vader’s a nice card, right? I mean, there’s nothing inherently special about Vader. The cards above are all fancy versions that you had to win at tournaments, and this is just a regular, if expensive, card. Unless, wait a minute. I think I recognize this particular card. I’ve seen it before, but where. Oh! I remember, it was here and here and also here!

That’s right! The exact Darth Vader – Terror to Behold that was used to cheat at the San Diego Regional has come into my possession, and I’m giving it away as a door prize! This bad boy is looking for some Destiny redemption, and I think you’re just the person to give it to him.

There will be a lot more door prizes to give away. Those are just the two that I’ve put my hands on and wrapped my mind around so far. If you are here, you will go home with something nice.


There’s a lot more to come. I’ve already put some sample deck techs and TTS videos together to get those creative juices flowing. They will come out in over the next few weeks. In the meantime, mark 2/23/2019 on your calendar to set aside for some exciting and weird Destiny. If you’re ready to come have some fun, sign up here.

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Cash ‘n’ Guns to Top 4 in Austin

On January 26, 2019 I took Han and Qi’ra to the Top 4 in the Austin Regional. This is my story.

I have a bad habit of not taking tournaments seriously until it’s too late. I have quite the full life with a family, three jobs, and a full-time hobby, so my ability to cruise to “good enough” in most local tournaments tamps down the burning fires of ambition that would drive me to extensively prepare for larger events. Because of that, I seem to always tank the first event of the season, and this year was no exception. A few weeks ago in Dallas I rode Vader and Greedo on about three days of work to a resplendent 4-3 embarrassment of a finish. After that humiliating wake-up call, I buckled down with a vow to make up for it come Austin-time.

Our local group had hit on Han/Qi’ra (which shall henceforth be referred to as “Cash ‘n’ Guns“) just before the Dallas Regional,. Some of them even rode it to success (Richard Urich made Top 8 with it), but I just hadn’t seen it enough to be convinced that it was the real deal. I’d been playing Vader/X since days of yore when Snoke and Thrawn were a thing, and I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to represent at the first big event I got to play it at. Whelp, that turned out to be 

But I digress, you’re here to listen to me opine on the good times, not my past of shame. After returning with my tail between my legs, I gave Cash ‘n’ Guns the hard look it deserved. I enlisted the services of everyone I could play with to grind out games. The Collective began pushing on this mono-Yellow monstrosity, shoving it right into the teeth of every deck rearing its head in a meaningful way at Regionals around the world. Every single time the deck stood toe to toe with the big boys, and, more often than not, came away with the ‘W’. An obscene amount of health, action cheating, powerful dice (both per die and in quantity), infinite money, and powerful events gave the deck some way to outplay the opponent every time. It just required the right mixture of cards to maximize the odds for each expected situation. 

  • Against Leia2/Yoda it was too fast and too wide.
  • Against Snoke/Tarkin it had too much health, too much damage, and too much multi-die removal.
  • Against Vader it does just enough sticking and moving to stay alive until Vader hits the jackpot, and then either resolves his dice for him or blasts him in the face with all of those giant dice to finish off the game.

Having settled on the deck, we spent our final few nights agonizing over the last card slot (*spoiler alert* I was wrong). A (mostly) good night’s sleep later, and our caravan was off bright and early for the pilgrimage to Dragon’s Lair Austin. ​

Round 1: BYE: Since I’d forgotten my bye card in Dallas, I had an opportunity to scope out the competition before sitting down to play. Turns out I nailed my expected metagame. VaderLeia2/YodaCash ‘n’ Guns, and Snoke/Tarkin made up the majority of the lists I was seeing. There was a smattering of other decks sprinkled throughout, but most folks brought either tried-and-true or new hotness to this final Texas Regional. (Side Note: My boy Julio rocked Plo Koon/Jedi Instructor/Jedi Acolyte to a +.500 finish. I was crazy happy for him because he’s been working on it for months, and he finally got it to work. Read about it here, although he has the name wrong. The deck is lovingly called “Garbage”) After smashing that BYE fella in the face, I was on to Round 2 at 1-0.

Round 2: Well fuck, I don’t ever want to sit down across from my friends early in the tournament, but dream crushing Julio immediately was about as far as could be down the list of situations I wanted to be in. RNJesus decided that was to be our fate, however, so we went to town. The downside of working on Silly Fun Deck for months is that the people who help you work on it know exactly how to smash it, and that’s exactly how this played out. Trey running “Real Deck” with intricate knowledge of everything Julio was trying to do was kinda unstoppable in this match-up. Han and Qi’ra sniped one blue dude after another, all while preemptively bobbing and weaving cards that shouldn’t be expected in serious competitive play. After about five minutes of real time, Han and Qi’ra stood over a pile of Jedi bodies with barely a singed jacket between them (Han took 4 damage, Qi’ra none). 2-0, so far, so good.

Round 3: I sat down across a buddy from the expanded Texas Destiny-verse, and he flips over Snoke/Rebel Traitor/Ciena. Confusion reigned. What the hell is this you’re doing to me, Cruel Universe? I’ve not tested against this! How am I supposed to fulfill my destiny (lol, puns) if you throw this stuff at me? *sigh*, I guess I have to play this. I decided to work on Ciena first. Her low health plus powerful ability seemed to give me the best bang for my buck in taking down this foe. Of course, he promptly smashes down a Fist, so removing that power action was in no way helpful. I flailed about for a bit and took down some characters, but by the end there was no way I was going to survive the two more rounds of ULTIMATE FACE SMASHER I would have needed to in order to pull out the win. 2-1, not where I’d hoped to be, but still in the game.

Round 4: Well, fuck again. This time I was paired up against Jonathan, another really good friend. Jonathan has started seeing some success in competitive Destiny just this year, and I whoop and holler on the inside (and sometimes on the outside) every time I see it. Hearing about his X-0ing both KeyForge and Destiny tournaments at PAX South was just a big warm fuzzy for me. He’s a genuinely good guy who works really hard at getting better, all while maintaining a positive outlook when things are… struggling. It’s hard not to root for people like that. Even Saturday I managed to pull off the full body fist pump in Round 1 when he slammed the Bait and Switch to take his match. Sitting at 2-1 was a huge deal for Jonathan, and I was genuinely sad that my path to glory went straight through him. We’re playing the Cash ‘n’ Guns (28 card) mirror, so it’s going to come down to dice rolls and play skill. I won the roll off, and started with the smoking hot play of Theed > Hidden Blaster > Hidden Blaster > Roll Han > Guns and Specials (eating both of his shields while putting immediate pressure on). He panicked. Feeling behind, he started making plays he knew to be wrong just to try and steal back some tempo. From there he never recovered, and my side of the table emerged victorious. 3-1, bittersweet. Happy with the record, but not what I had to do to get there.

Round 5: Let’s just jump to the start of Round 2 to give you a feel for how this one started. Before I take my first action of Round 2 I have Han with Fast Hands, X-8, and no damage, and I have Qi’ra with Fast Hands and no damage. He has a full health Leia Boushh and a Yoda with five damage on him. You’d take that, right? Full grip, your battlefield, both your guys tarted up to make their best dice untouchable? Yeah, somehow I lost that game. Now I know it was wrong to go after Yoda first, but even so, that start should have pulled me straight through that poor choice. Nope, and I have no idea what happened. Looking back, I couldn’t tell you what else I did wrong. Ryan is one of the good players out of San Antonio, but I don’t think even he should have been able to pull that one back. I know there was a Hyperspace Jump to switch battlefields. I know that things were already south when he started eating my resources with Salvage Stand while hitting Leia specials. I remember that Yoda lived far too long on the back of Force Illusion. I remember having to fight through multiple Second Chance. Otherwise, \_(ツ)_/¯ I’ve got no idea. I just didn’t do damage for several rounds there, somehow, and he made me pay. 3-2. At this point I am just hating life. Apparently, if you’re not an ethereal non-person named BYE or someone I play every Wednesday night I just can’t beat you. I have no mojo. Life is terrible. We’re all in pain and the only release is the oblivion of death. I want to leave. Oh, pairings are up? Whatever, I’m going home in a box anyway.

Rounds 6 and 7 can best be described in a single image.

Round 6: I fought against Slater on Vader/Greedo. “Fought” is probably too strong a word. At every turn I had the perfect answer card. My dice hit every time. His dice hit just about never, and the few times they did I went ahead and resolved them for him. He, correctly, dumped Han‘s special damage onto Greedo twice, so I figured I would help out and snipe ole Shot Last to save him the work of playing a Price of FailureGreedo ability rolled a blank. He hit an early Fist. Yeah? I will resolve that 3 Ranged side for you there, sir. You rolled it again? Let’s Jump. Oh look, Fist on 3R again? Resolve it again. Umm, let’s Jump again. I believe the quote from Slater after the match was, “Well, that wasn’t fun.” This is not me tooting my own horn here. My deck delivered up every answer at exactly the right time. My dice rolled exactly the right way. His went cold at just the right moment. Despite the victory this game went so quickly that it didn’t really register that I’d won. Not in a way that offset the funk I was in after the previous loss. 4-2

Round 7: If Round 6 was a bad dream for my opponent, Round 7 was the nightmare you don’t wake up from. I played a guy local to Austin in what was, apparently, a match vying for Top 8 contention. I had zero clue at the time, however. I was living in the tri-world of life-sucks-funk, my last match was astonishing, and buckling down because I want to win this one. He was on Leia2/Yoda, which is a very good match-up for me. I didn’t want to get cocky, though, because that was the path that led to my ruin two rounds earlier. After the match he told me that he pretty much knew it was over when he saw my team. In his testing this was something like 80/20 for me, and that’s about where I tested it. Anyways, on to the game description. Before he ever got to take a turn in Round 2 his Leia was dead and Yoda had three damage on him. That’s all you need to know. This match lasted exactly as long as it took you to read that sentence. The only play sequence of note in this game was when he Commando Raided 3/4 cards in my hand and missed the Bait and Switch that let me drop six damage on Leia. That included two modified sides, so if he gets Bait and Switch I get a whopping zero damage.  5-2

After blisteringly fast final rounds I still wasn’t even thinking about making the Top 8. That’s just silly talk. After my performance early in the tournament I was genuinely just hoping I’d squeaked in to the Top 16 to take home one of those sweet Mother/Plo Koon flip cards. Standing around chatting with my buddies, both Houston and Remote (another side note, this is a huge part of the reason to make these trips. You get to meet and hang out with all those people you talk to on Facebook, and they’re generally cool as shit people. People you’d never know without this shared hobby we have. If you’re on the fence or just have some anxiety-thing, seriously, take the plunge. Destiny is, by far, the best community of people I’ve been hobby-associated with). Sorry, digression. Standing around chatting with buddies, I started hearing murmurings from people who’d seen the final standings sheet. Surely sir, you jest. I’m 100% certain you misread that. Maybe you saw 18th place? Moments later, Sugi starts reading off names of Top 16 folk. 16, not me. 15, not me. 14, not me. 13, nope. 12, 11, 10, 9. This is either very good or very bad. 8th Place: Trey Dismukes.

I have a confession to make, and this is one I’m genuinely embarrassed about. My whole life I’ve been on the receiving end of polite clapping. You remember when you were in a list of people who got their name called out? Whether its Graduation Day at High School, Senior Day on the football team, or something similar, the accompanying applause has always felt to me like the most honest barometer of social status there is. Prom King or Football Star? Wild cheering. Random kid who keeps to themselves? Smattering of polite applause. My entire life I’ve been that latter kid. Little League awards, high school graduation, college graduation, and more. Parents cheering heartily and a smattering of polite applause. It’s not something that’s made any real negative impact on my life, but it’s something I’ve always noticed. My name being called Saturday night at Dragon’s Lair was, by far, the loudest applause I’ve ever received. I 100% understand how silly it is, but the applause there made that moment truly special. If you were there, thank you for that. 

After a dinner break, the Top 8 sat down across from each other to play the quarters. Being the lowly Eight Seed I’d drawn Mr. One Seed himself, Lawton Burkhalter. One thing I love about Lawton is how fiercely competitive he is. Dude does not back down, and if you manage to pull it out against him you know that you’ve beaten someone who didn’t give you an inch. He’d cruised all day on Snoke/Tarkin. Not only winning, but taking down other people who made the Top 8. Fortunately, this was a match-up I’d expected, and I knew the buttons to click. This was my only match on stream all day, so it should be watchable if you’re really interested. I actually don’t remember all that much about it other than things, again, really breaking my way. At one point I had three or four cards in my hand. I’d shown Lawton the Jump off of a Han special, so he went ahead and Probed me, promptly dumping Jump in my grumper. Fist pump for him right? I raked three resources off the table and plop down the second Jump to Timewalk him. Brutal beat. In the second game he Probed me again and took both copies of Easy Pickings, one of the best cards in my deck against him. Didn’t matter. I rolled hot. He rolled… ok, but I had all the right removal. Entangle at just the right moment to break the Tarkin power action. Bait and Switch to kill his last guy after he had to blow all of his removal on dice already on guns. Shit like that. At one point near the end of the second game he had to pitch nearly all of his hand just to get anything out of Snoke + Force Wave. On the third reroll he finally hit Wave special. Indifferent. On to the semis. Sweet Vader Hat tokens are MINE!

Top 4 is Vader/Greedo vs. Cash ‘n’ Guns… and Vader/Greedo vs. Cash ‘n’ Guns. Despite the outcome of both Vaders winning, I genuinely think this match-up is slightly tilted in our favor. Obviously Vader has those moments where he just whips it out and destroys your team in Round One no matter what you do, but that’s a situation that doesn’t come up that often. It takes some calculated playing, but I would still take my deck every time over Vader in a straight up fight. This time around, however, it was not to be. Hunter was too skilled for me to cruise, and I didn’t play well enough. Again, day long Destiny has worked it’s curse on my memory and not formed a full narrative of the game. I know I lost Game 1 when Rise Again and Force Illusion made it take far too long to kill Vader. I actually ripped Price of Failure from his hand with a random discard and was really sad about it. Even though I could have offed Vader I would have had to deal with a lot of Fist action while trying to knock down Greedo. I would much rather he killed Greedo for me. By the end of the second game I was getting punchy. Not really sleepy punchy, more giddy punchy. I was playing for the out of blasting Vader from the table with his own dice via Wanton Destruction, but his dice went cold. I could have figured out a way around it, but I was so fixated on Wanton for kill that I didn’t explore alternate lines of play nearly enough.

Ending up in the Top 4 was not something I’d expected going into the day, and definitely not something I’d seen coming after blowing it in Round 5. I have some niggling twinges of regret that I let my play get too loose there at the end, but overall I’m pleased with doing this well. 

​I guess you want to see the deck, huh?

Notes that Didn’t Fit Above

  • My 30th card choice was Truce. My teammates and I waffled for days about what to run there, and just went generic resource with the intention of surprising someone by resolving a 3 for 1 when they felt they’d stopped me. This was incorrect. The biggest unanswered threat to this deck is Force Illusion. That means Vandalize. Many times on Saturday I sat there holding Truce on the promise of some obscure, future use when Vandalize would have just been better.
  • The Six Seed was a teammate of mine also on Cash ‘n’ Guns. At the last moment he swapped a couple of cards from our stock list, but overall it was the same deck. It was cool to see the Ryan that lives just a few blocks from me Top 8 and receive payoff from all of our testing. There were a lot of Ryans there Saturday.
  • It’s possible that Quick Draw should be Drop In. They achieve the same thing, but have different drawbacks. For Quick Draw, you have to be holding a gun to make it work, and with only 6 guns in the deck that doesn’t always happen. Drop In doesn’t require the gun, just that you’re playing on your own battlefield. This deck consistently wins the roll off, however, and does play two Hyperspace Jump to get to it if you miss.
  • Despite having no Regionals wins, this deck is real. Three of the Top 8 were this deck. It’s all in how you build it. There are so many good yellow events that you can push it at any metagame to gain an edge. Once you’ve got it tweaked to fight an opponent, recognize which cards you need for which opponent and play to them.
  • HOUSTON REPRESENT! Houston sent 12 people to this Regional, and put 7 in the Top 16. Half of the Top 8 were people who made the trek back down 290 that night including the one hoisting the acrylic plaque.
  • Screw you FFG for not giving Houston it’s own Regional. I don’t care that we won’t pull people from the Gulf of Mexico to play. We will pull people from Western Louisiana as well as the rest of Texas. Destiny is thriving in Houston, but we’re not feeling any FFG love.
  • The finals of this event was truly a thing of beauty. Vader v. Vader. Like watching Mike Tyson fight himself, these two decks stood in the middle of the ring chucking haymaker after haymaker at their opponent’s face.
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Across the Galaxy is (mostly) Live! With Images!

Apologies if this is poorly edited. It’s 3:45AM, and I’ve been typing and clicking up a storm.

Short Announcement, folks. Preorders for Destiny Across the Galaxy singles are live!

Thanks a ton to JediGeekGirl and the I Rebel Podcast for posting most of the images I used for these preorders. Go check her out at the link above. That girl is an awesome part of the Destiny community.

Not much more to say, go check out the list of cards, with image, right here.

If you want to skip the fuss and just get everything, check out our complete, saga, and common sets here.

I’m gonna go crash now…

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Altered Standard Deck Ideas: Guest Arrow Brook Gaming

Sorry for missing yesterday, guys. I had a dozen people working on the house all day on the same day X-Wing 2.0 landed. When it came time for my weekly Destiny sojourn I was so tired that it took half an hour to get up the fortitude to walk downstairs and leave.

Onward and upward, though! Our last (maybe next to last, depending on one person who may or may not get back to me) installment of guest 40+6 deck ideas comes to us from Arrow Brook Gaming. the folks who placed first and second at US Nationals recently. If you’re looking for another top team with great content to follow, look no further. From the folks who brought you Droid/Aphra/Snoke in the finals of US Nats I give you 40+6 Yoda/Hondo.

There are a few popular builds of this deck on Let’s compare.

The Arrow Brook guys seem content with the upgrade package from the original decks. Only swapping a Lone Operative for an Ezra’s Saber (sneaky with that Lightsaber Pull lurking in the events) without upping the number of upgrades. With a diluted card pool, they will see a lower number of upgrades per hand, so the power of each one becomes more important. You won’t want to discard any to reroll in this build.

The events are where they’ve really put in the work. In the 30 card versions you see some disagreement in what threats they’re looking to mitigate. The deck on the left is trying to blow up supports with Vandalize and end turns early with Hyperspace Jump, while the one on the right is defending against dice with cards like DefendDive, and Electroshock.  In our 40+6 build no such compromises are made. There’s room to blow up supports at the exact same time you’re mitigating dice. There’s also room to fight against the new threat on the block, Mill, with Fond Memories. Additionally, they’ve added substantial resource generation in Double-Dealing as well as the pseudo upgrades of Lightsaber Pull and R2-D2

There’s no real departure from what 30 card Yoda/Hondo was trying to do, and that’s a good thing; it was already a very good deck. The 40+6 version is just… more.

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Altered Standard Deck Ideas: Guests Jackalman Games and Mads Utzon

So far in our little experiment, we haven’t had anyone double up on decks ideas. That changes today though, as both European Champion Mads Utzon of and the prodigious and entertaining creators at Jackalman Games sent in their take on Five Dice Villain builds.

Jackalman Games: 5 Dice Mother

While they both start with Bala-Tik at the root, our Jackalman Games friends chose a Mother Talzin + all odds slant. Embracing this theme during team building means that these two decks are going to skew quite differently. This one will eschew some of the more powerful 0 and 2-drop cards to maximize the power of Mother’s Odds.

While some might think that diluting the deck with more cards would make it harder to successfully fling fistfuls of dice at your opponent’s face, an upgrade suite of fully 16 1-drops means that a hard mulligan (shipping everything to get what you want) should yield you about three things to upgrade your characters with in Round 1. That will allow you to get to rolling an absurd amount of very quickly. 

Once again we see that the opening up of deck size has allowed for some experimentation that we didn’t have before. When was the last time you tried to run Take Prisoner in a competitive deck? Don’t lie. You had to click that link to even know what it was.

Finally, we see some of the sideboard bullets we’ve come to expect. By choosing both Defend and Dodge we’re left wondering what side of remove-everything vs. remove-most-plus-ambush controversy the Jackalman Games fellas are on. Or maybe they’re just next-leveling everyone by having calculated which is best in which match-up?

Mads Utzon: Traditional 5 Dice

Next up let’s take a gander at Champeen of the Europes Mads Utzon’s take on rolling many, many bones. In this case he has opted to take the more traditional approach of power dice and evens rather than limiting himself to all odds with Momma T.

In Mads’s (<- that can’t be grammatically correct. Mads’? Madse’se’ses’e?) own words, “The reason to keep it the original version, is that with a 40 card deck, our average deck quality will drop too much if we try to make an all odd 40 card deck for mother talzin. No tricks in this list, we basically just upped the mitigation and upgrade numbers accordingly with the higher deck count in order to keep our deck consistent.”

Mads has loaded up the deck with the most efficient threats and removal he could get his hands on. That being said, there are some real gems in here that simply do not see play in 30-card decks. A two-pack of Promotion allows him to throw an additional die on a character who isn’t dying any time soon all while replacing itself immediately.

How many times have you stared at a pair of Probes and a pair of Friends in Low Places trying to decide which is the right one for the tournament your about to head into? Screw that. Include both and shred their hand every round.

As for the matchup-specific cards, I will let Mads speak for himself.

  • ​2x Mandalorian Bracers, to lower our mitigation count and up our upgrade count while proving a troublesome upgrade in itself against mill(if anyone should be foolish enough to bring mill)
  • 2x Overconfidence, to give us more hard mitigation to mulligan for in mirror matches or other matchups were keeping balatik alive is crucial.
  • 1x On the hunt comes in over underhand tactics against blue shield decks, and comes in over mitigation against mill
  • 1x Frighten for caution/dug in decks specifically.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to get a free focus every turn or just rock the most efficient Villain dice you can, these Five Dice Villain decks should be a great starting place for playing a 40+6 Standard tournament.

Much appreciation to the Jackalman Games guys for getting me this list that DIRECTLY CHALLLENGES MADS UTZON’S (<- fixed it) ASSERTION THAT 40+6 Mother CAN’T HACK IT! FIGHT!!! Also, much appreciation for their sweet customizations to the Destiny mod on TTS. I mean, they only use them for themselves, but those customizations are at the same time branded-to-the-hilt and elegantly classy.

Thanks as well to Mads for agreeing to participate in our little thought experiment, and for providing some insight into his card and team choices.

​Special thanks to Claus Staal from for taking time out of his holiday to handle the messaging back and forth between us. That’s some dedication right there.

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Altered Standard Deck Ideas: Guest Ruben Sanchez

One of the quickest responses to my request for 40+6 card deck ideas came from The Chance Cube. Literally within one minute of shooting them a message on Facebook I had an exclamation point filled response about dreaming up some Altered Standard shenanigans. A short time later Ruben piped up that he would work on a Mill list for me. As this is one of the deck archetypes most likely nerfed by the higher card count, I was incredibly excited to see what he brewed up. This morning I got my peek.

On an additional note, the first list Ruben sent over had a second battlefield in the sideboard, and my head exploded. I hadn’t even considered the idea of using one of the six cards on a battlefield. I ended up going against it for this tournament, but this is exactly the type of unorthodox thinking that gets my heart cockles frothing in anticipation of what I’m about to see.

Without further ado, I give you The Chance Cube’s 40+6 Mill Deck.

While other lists have seen success, the deck used to take most of the top spots at 2018 GenCon is one of the few iconic decks so far in the young life of our game. Reviewing the list below, you can see the changes imparted for this build.

Now that we’re starting to see multiple lists, a few themes have begun to emerge.

  • Shoring up numbers on singleton cards: With expanded lists, you no longer have to cut down on impactful cards like Into the Garbage Chute or Hyperspace Jump in order to fit all that functionality in.
  • Room for borderline cards: Some of the last cards cut from the 30 card lists are now able to make an appearance. In this deck, cards like Dex’s Diner and Republic Cruiser that just didn’t fit can find a home.
  • New wrinkles: With an additional 16 cards to play with, more and more situational cards are seeing play. When was the last time you sleeved up an AnticipateStrength Through Weakness in constructed? Ascension Gun? IN A MILL DECK!? WTF?! 
  • Silver Bullets: No one has room to run extremely narrow cards in a 30 card list. Match-ups are just too diverse to slot in something specifically for one deck. If we’re in a metagame where they aren’t? Well, everyone has stopped playing anyway and a nerf is coming. Additionally, it just opens up more thought space for players to contend with. You know what’s not at all an interesting question right now in 30-card Destiny? Whether Defend or Block is the right call for mass melee removal. You’re not playing either, so move on. You know what’s an interesting question in 40+6 card Destiny? That same exact one. You know what’s good for Destiny as a whole? More and interesting questions for players to think about.

The more I see 40+6 card lists, the more excited I am for this tournament. I hope, if you’re in Houston this coming Friday, you will make the pilgrimage to help us find out if we need to be clamoring for FFG to change the rules of the game. If you don’t have the time to dream something up, just take one of these. I’m sure these folks would love to see what happens when you actually kick the tires on their fresh ideas.

A huge thank you to Ruben Sanchez and The Chance Cube team for participating in this experiment. I highly recommend checking out all their Destiny content. They’re more than just the price watch, people. These are some folks that truly care about the community.